Spa Therapy

Gemology Body Treatments

Relaxing Massage

Back Massage (30mins) $79 book now »

Full Body 60 (60mins) $129 book now »

Full Body 75 with French oil (75mins) $159 book now »

Your choice of three unique French oil blends.
Diamond Oil Delicate scents of lily and exotic sandalwood enhance the senses
Ruby Oil Fragrant notes of frangipani calm and soothe
Sapphire Oil Fresh notes of uplifting citrus revitalise & invigorate

Body Scrubs

Energising Mango Scrub (45mins) $109 book now »

Detoxifying & Toning. Iron enriched Sapphire combines with detoxifying Rosemary and Grapefruit to eliminate toxins and improve circulation for ultimate slimming and toning benefits-.A Stimulating Full Body scrub and sapphire cream polish.

Relaxing Anti-Stress Salt Scrub (45mins) $109 book now »

Soothing and Relaxing. Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Orange and Patchouli intertwine in this delicate blend of calming serenity, while aromatic dissolving mineral salts expertly eliminate dead cells for silky smooth skin. - A relaxing Full body salt scrub and Serenity Cream polish

Body Wrap (select stores)

New Zealand Volcanic Detoxifying Wrap (60mins) $159 »

Purifying and Detoxifying. Combining the natural richness of Rotorua volcanic mud and mineral rich seaweed for dramatic detoxifying results. This rejuvenating body wrap helps put the "bounce back in your step" providing an immediate smoothing and hydrating feel to your skin and an overall feeling of health and vitality.

add Hot Stone Treatment (15mins) $39

add Back Salt Scrub (15mins) $39

add Decadent Scalp Massage (15mins) $39